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Wait Hold Up

O-Oi, everyone... listen to the your kids, they ain't the ones in the wrong!

How could I have...?

INTRO - Poor Ssil has rotten timing

... You know, I was almost convinced I'd dreamed this place. It's been so long...

Jack and Myrtle aren't going to be happy I'm gone. Then again, if it works like last time...

((Have an older!Ssil - she's somewhere around thirty and very tall.))

lol belated observation

You know, there's something not quite right here...

[thread] Flaws In Your Reality

Aligoté sat down on the edge of the empty fountain in the main plaza, having spent the last hour walking around the walled-in city. He had finally come to the conclusion that Sacy was not among the smattering of people present here. This perplexed him, because he'd been positive that...

Well, perhaps it was for the best, this didn't look like a place she'd enjoy anyway.

But his mind was also on other things. Mainly, the two young women who'd come up to him proclaiming to be his daughters. There wasn't any room for doubt in his mind that they were mistaken -- after all, he'd only had a human form for less than five years, so that automatically disproved them.

Yet their expressions when he'd told them that... they'd been so genuinely upset and bewildered by his denial... and then what the younger one said had all but stolen the breath right out of him.

"You're wrong. You're so very wrong... but we'll fix it. I swear it on your real name, Father."

Could it be a coincidence? That seemed impossible, the odds a million to one. But how could that girl have known? He'd never told anyone, not even Sacy!

The more he thought about it, the more bothered he became.


... Has anyone else been yelled at by kids they don't remember having? I mean, I'm pretty sure I'd have remembered having five kids...

[Screened to All 2nd Gen's]

I think it'd be best if we all got together to talk about what's happening in person... especially since it doesn't seem to be wearing off. There must be some way we can snap our parents and everyone out of this. How about meeting at the school?
Now, this doesn't look like the LifeStream. I could have sworn though, that I was just there, talking to Zack. And watching Cloud, of course. Did the LifeStream send me here? I can see why it would, but this is so strange. Why now?

[Aerith doesn't remember anything at the moment T_T HAVE FUN]
Oh my Gods. What the hell is going on here?! Mom? Dad? Aunt Selphie?

Al...is everything alright?

And another~

Well, here we are again. One of these days you're gonna have to admit that we really do have emotions, Larxene. You can't enjoy torturing me that much that you'll hang around me like this even when you're not, y'know.
Okay, who else suddenly has parents who don't remember being married or having kids or being married to the right person?


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