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Econtra Dressing Room

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This community is open to anyone to join, both player and character journals, but I want to stress that nothing that takes place here in ANY way affects in-game play. Okay? No taking stuff from this community and using it ICly. It's got "econtra" in the title but that's the extent of how it's connected.

econtradressing is a combination of dressing room and writing community focusing on the "expanded universe" of Econtra. So all those "kid!spawn" journals, the OC characters, and of course anything like what could be posted in dear_mun can all be posted here, too. We hope this will be a really fun community, so please share the link around!


• Posting by any character journal including current, past, potential and original. Journal-style entries, logs, absolutely anything goes. Or you can post from your player journal, whichever.
• Writing such as fanfiction or drabbles are okay too.


• Be in some way related to Econtra. Duh.
• LJ-cut anything large, like pictures or fics. Common sense.
• If posting with a character journal that's not part of the game, all we ask is that the player's LJ name be somewhere in the profile. We just want to know who's playing whom, that's all.